Virtual Photo Sessions – Isolation Creation!

In an effort to continue creating and working during this era of staying at home, I decided to try out virtual sessions. These sessions aren’t meant to act as real portraits – they are meant to capture and demonstrate this era of virtual contact and communication that we are ALL experiencing as we self isolate. I want to capture all of it – virtual exercise, communication, family time, alone time, boudoir, play time, isolation with pets – anything that represents this weird collective experience. The BEST part about these sessions is that I can do them with anyone, anywhere! Where I’m usually limited to sessions in and around Louisville and Nashville, these sessions are done over FaceTime or Zoom in 10 minutes with anyone who has an internet connection and a computer or iphone.

If you or anyone you know is interested, you can book a virtual session with me here: I will be offering these for as long as we are all social distancing. Think of it as a memento of the times – a weird souvenir of our effort to stay home and stay healthy.

virtual portrait Leslie Rodriguez Photography
virtual session Leslie Rodriguez Photography
virtual yoga portrait Leslie Rodriguez Photography
Virtual Yoga Portrait
virtual family session