Change the Date! Virtual Session with Elizabeth and Wilson

Like so many other couples who planned to get married this spring, Elizabeth and Wilson had to reschedule their wedding for a later date thanks to Covid-19. Today (April 25) was their original wedding date, and to commemorate the day they scheduled a virtual photo session at the (completely empty) restaurant where they first met. This was such a fun and unusual session – totally emblematic of this era. I love that they brought all of the necessary tools for celebration; two facemasks (something old and something blue), a bottle of champagne (I can’t believe we actually got the cork flying off into the distance in the shot!), a bouquet, and their old and new invitations. I know this wasn’t the day they had in mind, but I hope this session serves as a fun memory to commemorate what is still a very special day for the two of them!

If you or anyone you know is interested in a virtual session, they are keeping me busy and working during this crazy time. Book one here – family, newborn, couple, whatever you want!

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