5 Reasons to Book a Bridal Portrait Session

If you’re looking to free up time on your wedding day and significantly increase the number of gorgeous portraits of yourself in your wedding attire, you should consider booking a wedding portrait session.¬†These are also called “bridal sessions” – but grooms can (and should) get in on the fun too! Here’s a few reasons why these sessions are so much fun and such a good idea:

    1. You’ll free up time in your wedding day timeline! If you already have portraits taken care of, you don’t need to dedicate a specific block of time for them on your wedding day. That doesn’t mean your photographer won’t still get portraits of you on your wedding day (there’s something special about having portraits from the actual day) but they’ll be in passing and in the moment instead of taking time away from, say, your cocktail hour or reception. This is your day to spend time celebrating with your friends and family – the more time you have to party, the better!
    2. Consider it a dry run for the big day; you’ll get a practice run on your hair, makeup, and you’ll get an idea of what it’s like to move around in your wedding attire. You’ll also get a feel for what it’s like to work with your photographer, and build up a relationship there. Ideally you’ll get this during an engagement shoot as well, but the more time together the easier it’ll all flow on your wedding day!
    3. TIME FOR CREATIVITY. On your wedding day, your photographer will want to make sure that they get all of the classic and frame-worthy portraits possible, which leaves *very* limited time for creativity and experiments with light and posing. If you book a separate session, you’ll have all the time you need to capture the classics AND the experimental “try this, ok now this, oooooh let’s experiment with this, hang on let me get my ladder and try this angle…” kind of photos. And trust me, those are the photos that you’ve been pinning on pinterest. The ones from styled shoots when photographers have the time and space to get creative with their angles (as a test – go through your pinterest board if you have one and click through on the images you’ve pinned. See how many of them are from styled shoots vs. actual weddings. I bet a good number of them are from styled shoots where there was extra time for creativity!)
    4. OPTIONS AND FLEXIBILITY Say you’re getting married in the winter but you’d love to have some photos in your wedding attire in the spring, or vice versa. Do you want photos with your pets in your wedding attire, but don’t want them at your wedding? Or maybe you’re planning to wear your hair up on your wedding day, but you also want some portraits with your hair styled down. Or you’re getting married indoors but want photos in a botanical garden and there’s not time for that on your wedding day. Maybe you want photos in your venue, but without all of the tables and reception gear set up. A separate session allows for all of this flexibility! Added bonus: if it’s raining on your portrait day, you (probably) have the flexibility to reschedule (although you may incur a rescheduling fee – talk to your photographer when you set it all up!).
    5. Which leads me to my next point: weather stress relief. There are plenty of reasons besides your portraits to fret over inclement weather on your wedding day, but at least you know that if it’s going to rain, you already got your bomb-ass portraits taken care of.
    6. You get to wear your wedding attire more than once. This is maybe the best reason of all.

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