Preserve your Wedding Bouquet with Fine Art Floral Vignettes

When I got married back in 2009, the world was one month shy from being introduced to Pinterest. I planned my whole wedding without pin inspiration (for better or for worse), and I was one of the first of my friends to get married so I didn’t have much inspiration around me besides wedding magazines. Hard to imagine the dark days of pinterest-free life, but there I was with no idea what to do with my bouquet after the wedding was over. I LOVED my bouquet; I thought it was so unique to use poinsettias instead of roses or whatever else (again, didn’t have pinterest so I couldn’t just scroll through photos of “winter bouquet inspo”). But it didn’t occur to me to do anything else with my bouquet besides letting it dry out and hope it would look pretty that way…and it sat in my parents’ laundry room for a year before we gave up the endeavor and tossed it. RIP.

bride and groom holding poinsettia bouquet

photos by Austin Gros

Nowadays there are countless ideas for preserving your bouquet, the most popular being through beautiful pressed art. Back in December after a styled shoot at Yew Dell Botanical Gardens I brought home the bouquet created by the talented Botanica Design Studio and took some scissors to the arrangement to create different wintry vignettes with the blooms and accents. I had so much fun with the project that I started selling the vignettes in my print shop, and now after experimenting with numerous bouquets since that shoot, I’m excited to begin offering this option to my couples who want to preserve their wedding florals. vignettes of fine art floral arrangements on white background

How Does This Work?

I can bring home any arrangement with the wedding florals to create these vignettes – it doesn’t necessarily have to be the bridal bouquet itself. I can also preserve the blooms and accents and return them after photographing them if you want to take them to an artist to press the flowers into even more art (I highly recommend and love the work from Petalos by Ada here in Louisville).

bouquet preservation ideas roses and wedding florals arranged on white background

With each session, I will photograph and edit 20-30 vignettes on top of a gorgeous hand painted styling mat by Lindale Studios. I will deliver the session to you in an online viewing gallery that only you can access, and you will be able to order prints through the gallery to decorate your home with unique, one-of-a-kind art from your beautiful wedding florals. You can see more examples by clicking here.

Any questions, drop them below! And a question for anyone reading this: if you are already married, did you preserve your bouquet? Do you wish you had preserved it?

floral art roses and greenery arranged on white background to look like a flower

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