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If you are a photographer or any type of creative entrepreneur running a small business, you need Flodesk in your life to communicate with your clients. Mailing lists are essential for reaching customers. For the four years that I was a part of Humming House, I was in charge of our mailing list and it was, in no uncertain terms, a huge pain. We had more than 30,000 subscribers, and we picked the cheapest mailer service possible that I don’t think even exists anymore because it was so clunky. Over those years I learned how to force the emails into decent looking templates and manually segment the subscribers by zip code, but the process would have been much more enjoyable with a decent mailing list service.

Flodesk for Photographers: Easy branding options

Fast forward 3 years, and several mailing services have revamped their template systems (like mailchimp) or created new and easy ways to segment subscribers. But flodesk is the outright winner for me. Flodesk is affordable, sleek, and incredibly user-friendly. It took all of 10 minutes for me to set it up, upload my logo and select my brand colors. Any email template I choose is easy to customize based on my branding – my logo is always at the top or bottom, and the colors are always consistent.

Flodesk Pricing:

And the price? Flodesk is extremely affordable  – and right now you can lock in 50% off for life with my promo code while they are still under their beta launch. The price is going to go up in two months – November 2 is the last day of their beta pricing. The $19/month beta rate includes unlimited emails and subscribers for the duration of your membership. It also includes access to the template and font libraries. After 11/2/21, you’ll be able to sign up for $19/month but only for the first year of your membership. I highly, highly recommend getting on board and locking in the beta price before November 2.

Flodesk Templates:

When it comes to the templates, I can’t stress how wonderful it is to be able to drag and drop items around the page. I *hated* moving items on the old system I used, because nudging any section in one direction would completely ruin the entire layout of the email. You can adjust the size, spacing, font, and color of your text. You can adjust the size and position of your images, or use stock images from flodesk. It’s so easy. And segmenting? I can create subscriber segments based on the forms people fill out. I have a segment for mini session announcements, for new preset launches, for editing tips, for Nashville family sessions, Louisville family sessions, and new print shop releases. My subscribers are automatically added to the appropriate audience segment based on the form they filled out to sign up.

flodesk promo code template examples

Email Stats:

Flodesk has a wonderful analytics section where you can easily track the stats for the open rate for your emails, the click rate on the links inside the emails, and the bounce rate, unsubscribes, and spam notifications each of your email campaigns generated. You can use this information to improve the content of future emails. Do not sleep on the stats- they are so helpful when it comes to delivering useful content to your subscribers!

Sign Up Forms:

In addition to having a library of beautiful email templates, Flodesk also has a wonderful selection of sleek, customizable forms that you can use to attract subscribers. Each of these forms feeds into a segment that you can select for future email campaigns. The fact that Flodesk automatically segments your subscribers based on sign up forms is such a time saver. You’re less likely to lose subscribers if you keep your emails tailored to your segments. For example, if I am sending out an email about mini sessions in Louisville, it makes no sense to send that email to subscribers who signed up to my mailing list by using the form I designed to download a free preset. Those subscribers are all over the country, and are definitely not going to sign up for a 30-minute mini session. So I created a form specifically for individuals interested in mini sessions, and they are the only ones who will receive mini session email updates from me.

flodesk promo code signup forms

My pitch for Flodesk for Photographers:

If this sounds like an ad, I promise I don’t work for Flodesk. I *do* get a tiny bonus if you use my link to sign up, but there’s no reason for me to lie about how easy and aesthetically pleasing this service is. Despite my difficulties creating emails back in my Humming House days, I did genuinely enjoy the feeling of being able to communicate our news, updates, and announcements in a curated way to our fans. As a photographer, using flodesk has made that kind of communication fun and easy again.

If you’re a new photographer but can’t think of any reason to start a mailing list, here are a few ideas:

• special family session announcements (minis, mother’s day sessions, Christmas photo sessions, etc.)

• product launches (print shop or presets)

• tips for editing or taking photos

• album or print shop discounts for wedding clients

• Black Friday or holiday discounts

And so so much more. Leave a comment below and let me know how you use your mailing list as a photographer!

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