Leslie Rodriguez


Leslie Rodriguez resides in Louisville, KY with her husband Javier and two daughters Penny and Goldie. Her edgy, thoughtful style of photography has attracted couples of diverse backgrounds from around the country. 

Rodriguez’s art was shaped during her years as an academic at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. It was while studying Latin American studies and sociology that she developed a multicultural worldview that led to years of travel abroad, and marriage to her Chilean husband Javier of 13 years. She speaks Spanish and studied Portuguese. Their many international travels expanded her sensitivity and developed an eye for the unexpected, allowing her to capture fleeting moments rife with expression, beauty and soul. 

As a singer songwriter, Rodriguez toured for years with Nashville-based band Humming House, her camera always in hand to document their travels. As a result, her work reflects the perceptiveness, joy and wonder of an artist’s view of the world, and an exuberant delight in the love and connectedness between people. 

Rodriguez has been shooting weddings for over a decade. Her photography has been featured in BRIDES, Carats and Cake, Green Wedding Shoes, Kentucky Bride Magazine, Equally Wed, Love Inc Magazine, and Nashville Arts Magazine.

About Leslie

* I am committed to creating work that represents our diverse and multicultural community and world. I work with couples in the LGBTQIA community and with individuals of any race, religious background, ability, and personal identity.


Adventures with my girls.

I sometimes wonder if I had children specifically so that I could relive the experience of being a kid through them. I’m an enneagram 7, so spontaneous adventures are a regular occurrence with these two. Some are disastrous, some are superb, all of them are memorable.


Formula 1 Podcast

My husband and I co-host a podcast called Home Position - a non-technical Formula 1 podcast for fans who want to learn more about the sport. Our interest in F1 started in 2019 and grew into an obsession by 2020. Find us on Apple Podcasts and Spotify!


Pit Bull Smiles.

I currently have two dogs and recently lost a third. He was a pit bull named Kumi and his giant smile was the best. It’s thanks to him that I forever want to be a pit bull owner. Their big goofy grins are comfort food for my soul.


Being On Stage.

I've been a musician and a performer my entire life. One of the places I feel the most comfortable is on a stage holding a microphone and wearing 6-inch heels. I spent my childhood performing with my dad at venues around Louisville and Nashville, and after college I toured the country as a vocalist in the band Humming House for four years. I will always be a musician and a performer at my core.


Mountain Views

I honestly love both mountains AND beaches, but if I had to choose, I’d rather a mountain view from a screened-in porch. My husband and I climbed the 14er Mt. Princeton on our honeymoon and it was one of the most satisfying accomplishments of my life.