Colorful In-Home Nikah Ceremony in Louisville Kentucky

I was absolutely thrilled that B&U asked me to photograph their intimate, in-home Nikah here in Louisville Kentucky. This Nikah ceremony was held as a separate event from the traditional three-day wedding, which will take place next year. It was held in the couple’s home in Kentucky, with a close-knit group of family and friends there to witness the ceremony. I have dreamt of photographing a celebration like this, with all of the color and sparkle, the henna details and the meaningful traditions – it was as breathtaking as I imagined. It was a joy to capture U and B and I am so thankful that they brought me into their home to be a part of it!

henna on hands during nikah ceremony louisville kentucky

nikah ceremony details - pakistani wedding shoes on a bed of roses

nikah ceremony dog

nikah ceremony bride entrance in home

bride sitting during nikah pakistani wedding kentucky

imam leading nikah ceremony kentucky home

nikah ceremony in home in louisville kentucky

nikah ceremony hands with henna louisville kentucky

brides hands with henna nikah ceremony

couple seated during nikah ceremony in home

bride portrait nikah ceremony

couple exchanging rings nikah ceremony

rings during nikah ceremony

bride putting ring on groom nikah

bride and groom holding hands pakistani wedding

bride praying pakistani nikah

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guests mingling in a home nikah

pakistani american wedding in home nikah

pakistani blended wedding

bride signing marriage contract nikah

couple seated together after nikah ceremony

happy bride pakistani american wedding

cat on floor in bed of rose petals during nikah ceremony pakistani home

groom kissing bride forehead pakistani nikah

dog at in home pakistani wedding

beautiful bride nikah in louisville kentucky

bridal portrait nikah

Out of my 10 years of experience photographing weddings, the thing I am most proud of is the number of diverse, multicultural weddings I have had the honor of photographing. I can now add a Pakistani-American wedding to my list, which includes a Brazilian-American wedding, Chinese-American, Cuban-American, Bengali-American, German-American, British-American, Honduran-American, and Mexican-American. It’s such a joy to learn about new (to me) traditions and ceremonies and to experience the full color and spectrum of joy that different customs bring. I cherish the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, and I especially love learning about the different expectations of a wedding photographer depending on cultural tradition. So thank you, thank you to all of the couples who have trusted me to photograph this most important day – it’s truly an honor.

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